Thursday, May 15, 2008

Update User password field Disable in Apps after 10g SSO Integration

We encountered one issue after integration 10g iAS (IDM 1.4 + SSO) with our Oracle Application Instance We were not able to change user password via form (FNDSCAUS). Navigation as follows Security > User > Define. Although we were able to change password via FNDPASS but not via form.
The problem lies in system profile "Application SSO LDAP Synchronization" (APPS_SSO_LDAP_SYNCH). We had this proble disabled at site level, which was causing the issue. After changing this profile at site level to value enabled it worked. So make sure you have this profile enable if you like to use standard feature of password change.

Happy Troubleshooting !!!


Anonymous said...

Can you share some docs,steps with us for sso implementation with apps

Sundeep Dubey said...

Hi Nikhil,
We are still having issues with some of the thing, we are preparing document and surely will update here. Thanks for showing interest.