Friday, October 31, 2008

Sending file from unix as email attachement

We as DBA's need to send files from server to users, mainly trace files etc. So it would be great if you can get some way to send files as email attachement. I hope following command which I use in solaris box will help many of us:

uuencode File_Name File_Name : (Kindly use Pipe sign instead off colon) mailx -s "server file"
You will receive File which you have mentioned in File_Name as email attachment.

Happy Troubleshooting !!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

IDM with WNA - Kerberose

As I have mentioned earlier that we would like to upgrade ourself from IDM to IDM as we had some issues with accessing Partner Applications Administration page. Although WNA works well with older version. We had major issue with WNA once we upgraded to IDM, it actually stops working and there are no workarounds as per Oracle Support, this is what they has to say
"Current versions of OID are only certified with the shipped JDK version.Certification for JDK version 1.4.2_18 and OID is expected to be available in future AS/OID Patchset (not ETA available)."

So we have to revert back to same working old version till we have official release of

Happy Troubleshooting !!!

Force All Application users to Change their password

This is available starting in RUP4.
Requires Patch 4676589 ATG RUP 4.
The script to expire all passwords in the fnd_user table is $FND_TOP/patch/115/sql/AFCPEXPIRE.sql.
It can be executed from SQL*Plus or as a Concurrent Program: sqlplus -s APPS/ @AFCPEXPIRE.sql
or Submit concurrent request: CP SQL*Plus Expire FND_USER Passwords
This script sets the fnd_user.password_date to null for all users which causes all user passwords to expire. It can also be run as a SQL*Plus concurrent program.
The user will need to create a new password upon the next login.

Happy Troubleshooting !!!