Thursday, May 15, 2008

Unable to Copy files on unix

We have some weird issue few days back. My team mate reported issue that he was not able to copy files from backup location to target location for doing database refresh. As per him he was able to see files under backup location, but whenever he tries to copy files he gets an error. After I had a look I found the issue like this. Whenever you do ls -l you can see the files like:
But when we issue a command cp filea.dbf target_location throws an error. moreover if you do cp file* target_location it worked. I got the issue, which means file has some zunk characters in its name. As its a common dba error while adding dbf files we add space. So I used command cp "filea.dbf " target_location, this time I gave file name under "" with one space after dbf. It worked, but problem didn't end here, we have to rename the datafile too as it has space in it at end.

Happy Troubleshooting !!!

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Dmitry said...

Hi Sundeep. you may also try the dbf file recovery program, it automates the procedure of database recovery. hope it helps and not considered to be spam