Monday, July 21, 2008

Oracle 10g SSO Integration with E-Biz - Planning-2

I have to put a break in my earlier post to make you understand the important part of planning phase in deciding about how are we going to manage Users or we call it as User Management. Again I want to make it clear about the details, these are basis on our setup:

There are existing users in Active Directory and user accounts in Oracle E-Business Suite Rel11i installation. Users in Active Directory that access Oracle E-Business Suite Rel11i will need to exist in Oracle Internet Directory.
The process of provisioning users to Active Directory and Oracle E-Business Application Suite is in place at Our Setup. With Oracle Single Sign-On integration planned the provisioning process will remain the same. The diagram below shows Active Directory, Oracle Internet Directory and Oracle E-Business Suite and the provisioning and synchronization between the two directories.

User account will be created in Active Directory. The user account will be migrated to Oracle Internet Directory. A user account will need to be created in Oracle E-Business Application Suite using user enrollment method. Minimal information from user account in Active Directory will be unidirectionally migrated from Active Directory to Oracle Internet Directory.
The Oracle Internet Directory and Oracle E-Business suite accounts are linked via the auto-link feature.

Now we will move to another section or phase of this document. I will take a break for a while and will come back again with development phase.

Happy Troubleshooting !!!

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