Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Good tool for troubleshooting - HTTPheaders

For Taking HTTP header trace follow the steps mentioned here:

1. Obtain the HTTP header tracer add-on:
Internet Explorer (IE):
Firefox (FF):

2. Once installed and the browser restarted, start the HTTP header tracing add-on is as follows:
(IE) View -> Explorer Bar -> ieHTTPheaders v1.6
(FF) Tools -> Live HTTP Headers

3. Ensure the HTTP capture buffer is clear before you begin.
(IE) In the "ieHTTPheaders window" -> Right-Click -> Clear
(FF) In the "Live HTTP Headers" -> Click on 'Clear'

4. Once ready, direct the browser to the login page of your environment and proceed to replicate the issue.

5. Save the resulting generated output to a file and upload the results..
(IE) In the "ieHTTPheaders window" -> Right-Click -> 'Save'
(FF) In the "Live HTTP Headers" -> Click on 'Save-All'

Other than above steps, you can type following words in your browser address bar to get cookies info:


Happy Troubleshooting !!!

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Vikram Das said...

Very nice blog. Do post all the tricky issues you have successfully troubleshot.

- Vikram