Friday, December 5, 2008

What is significance of 0 & Y while using ( FNDCPASS, FNDLOAD, WFLOAD .....) .

Another in a row for Basics:

-'0' refers to the ( Concurrent Program ) request ID , as Invocation isNOT from the concurrent program SRS where in each Concurrent Request is assigneda non-zero id.

- 'Y' is the value for a flag that indicates the method of invocation is directly from the command-line not from the SRS.

Note: SRS (Standard Request Submission)
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srikanth said...

hi sandeep

I am srikanth from hyd. Iam newer to this 10g AS. my doubt is why people will go 10gAS integration with ebiz and its importance with integartion.

Can you please help me regarding this.


Sundeep Dubey said...

HI Srikanth,
Hope this note from Steven Chan will help you to understand it better