Wednesday, April 30, 2008

PDF Printing general Checks

Recently we have issue with PDF Printing, although it was not because of setup. Here are the basic steps one should check for PDF Printing. All should be done at admin node (Where concurrent manager is running).
1. Display has been set properly and you can check that via $echo $DISPLAY at server end. And to make sure from application end too, just run "Print" Concurrent program and give "DISPLAY" as parameter.
2. you must be able to run xclock from server, whether you get output (in case of VNC) or not (in case of Xvfb).
3. Must have issued xhost + to access X server.
4. Software like xpdf or something has to be installed on Server. Which will help to view PDF as output files.
5. Pasta driver must be installed and setup correctly. pasta.cfg must be having reference to PDF software installed in step 4.

Happy Troubleshooting !!!

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