Monday, March 3, 2008

Load Balancer - Issue accessing some pages

Today I come across with one wierd issue with my instance. We are using Apache level load balancer and my WF mailer was down. I was trying to get into that page and its taking long time to access WF component page. Or I would say its not allowing me to that. It never happened earlier. I checked with LB team too and they too were not able to find some solution.
Although I found the workaround to get rid of this issue. Just changed the name from load balancer name to actual host name like from oracle-lb to myhost. It worked !!! Althought I was not able to find the solution why it was not allowing us to go to only WF component page but found workaround to resolve the issue.

Happy Troubleshooting !!!


Vikram Das said...

Hi Sandeep,

Is it throwing any HTTP-503 in Apache log when you try to access URL through lb name ?

- Vikram

Sundeep Dubey said...

Hi Vikram,
No it doesn't show any error message in log file. moreover if keep on waiting it show DNS error