Friday, July 27, 2007

Load Balancer - HTTP with Portal 3.0.9 and Siteminder

Http level load balancing works with portal 3.0.9 login server and Siteminder as approval authority for logins. People are worried how to install load balancer with almost desupported model of portal 3.0.9, ias

Here is how.
1. Make sure Apps works well on both the servers well.
2. Hardware setup for Netscaler has been done.
3. Its name and ip should be added in your network (DNS entry)
4. Use proper policy and domain related to Siteminder.
5. configuration steps must be followed correctly.
6. Start and test.

Will update changes to be made and where soon

Any question please ask me

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Mahesh said...


Could do give destailed steps to load balaning in Apps as I have never done that beform...
Also the shared APPL_TOP procedure.

waiting for ur reply soon :)